Boulters Heights Reserve Masterplan

Council endorsed the Boulters Heights Reserve Masterplan on 27th September 2022.

Council sought community feedback on the draft Masterplan in late 2021 to ensure that the draft design proposals are in line with the community values for the reserve.The City received 153 survey responses, 746 document downloads, 17 written submissions, and 1653 comments and likes.

Community feedback received has guided how we prioritise works, what we can deliver using existing budget and what requires external funding for delivery.

The project team made changes to the draft Masterplan based on comments received during the engagement phase. The proposed changes included:

  • Ways to enhance the Boulters waterfall, to acknowledge and celebrate when this was a functioning and flowing waterfall
  • The pathway network
  • Enhancements to lookouts and other features
  • Improved landscaping and restoration
  • Prioritisation of works

A community meeting was held at the city in August 2022 to present the engagement results and proposed changes.

Council recieved and endorsed the final Boulters Heights Reserve Masterplan in September 2022.

Stay tuned for public updates on this project.