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Frank Buswell Foreshore Playground Survey

Have your say on the Frank Buswell Foreshore Playground
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Dog Control Areas Review

Have your say on dog control areas within the City of Bunbury
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Have your say on Bunbury Ocean Pool

Visit our Community Connect page to learn more about the Bunbury Ocean Pool concept.
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Investigation of Tree Streets Heritage Area and Local Planning Policy

The project is now completed - Council Decision 083/24 of 14 May 2024. Decision was to not proceed with the heritage area or associated local planning policy. The City of Bunbury is investigating the ...
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Compassionate Bunbury Charter

New Compassionate Bunbury Charter set to facilitate Compassionate Community discussions and actions in response to illness, death, dying and grief within the Bunbury region.
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Spencer/Blair Precinct Project

The City is investigating Spencer/Blair Precinct to explore housing opportunities close to the Bunbury CBD.
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Past Engagements

2023 MARKYT Community Scorecard

Our 2023 MARKYT Community Scorecard has now closed! We look forward to communicating your feedback and our communities’ priorities soon. The results of these community scorecard surveys are so ...
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Sustainability and Environmental Strategy

The Sustainability and Environmental Strategy 2023-2028 was unanimously supported by Council on 5 September 2023. The strategy sets an organisational target to reach net zero corporate emissions by 2040. It also outlines an aspirational goal of reaching that target by 2035. Thanks to our community for your invaluable engagement and feedback.
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Community Safety Survey

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2023-2028 was endorsed by Council on Tuesday 17 October 2023
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Off Lead Dog Areas

The City engaged with the community in September 2019 on off-lead dog areas.
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South West Sports Centre Future

The City engaged with the community to look at future needs of the South West Sports Centre from 17 September - 17 October 2018.
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Haley St, Prinsep St and Carmody Place Revitalisation

The City of Bunbury in its City Centre Action Plan sets out the vision to foster growth and revitalise the City Centre. This vision includes turning the city centre into a network of thriving, attractive streets and laneways that are engaging, inclusive, easily accessible, integrated in design, and celebrate Bunbury’s identity. 
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City's new Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2023 – 2028

The City of Bunbury’s Disability, Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2023-2028 was endorsed by the City of Bunbury Council recently and has been registered with the Disability Services Commission.
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Boulters Heights Reserve Masterplan

The City of Bunbury has prepared a masterplan for Boulters Heights Reserve to ensure a holistic design approach is undertaken to develop the CBD reserve and to guide future investment and budget spend. Council recently sought community feedback on the proposal.
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Community Health and Wellness Plan

The City of Bunbury, in developing its public health plan, invited the community to provide their insights in improving health and wellbeing in our community in 2021.
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Bunbury Housing Strategy

The City engaged with key stakeholders and community on the Bunbury Housing Strategy from 8 February to 21 March 2021. The City of Bunbury adopted a new strategy on 18 May 2021 to guide and provide for the City of Bunbury’s current and future housing needs.
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Safe Active Streets

The City of Bunbury together with the Department of Transport sought community input to help inform the Safe Active Street project in East Bunbury in April 2021.
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Bunbury Heritage Strategy

The City engaged with the community on the Bunbury Heritage Strategy in March/April 2021.
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Greening Bunbury

The City engaged with the community on Greening Bunbury in 2020 which was adopted by Council on 23 November 2021.
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