Your City, working with you

The City of Bunbury is committed to strengthening engagement performance to support sustainable outcomes for our community.

We engage our community and stakeholders to make informed decisions based on stakeholder and community aspirations, views, concerns, needs and issues.

Engagement demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to listening to and serving the community.

What is ‘community engagement’?

Community engagement is a planned process whereby organisations and communities exchange information through different methods to inform decision-making.

Community engagement is an integral local government function and therefore sits across all the City’s strategies and plans under our Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan

Check out these short (~2min) Community Engagement YouTube videos (produced by the WA Local Government Engagement Network)

When does the City engage with community stakeholders?

Community and stakeholder engagement may be required to inform decisions on designing, planning, managing, and evaluating programs, projects, and services.

Some common purposes for engagement include information gathering and sharing; identification of stakeholder needs; obtaining feedback on proposed activities; generating ideas; seeking feedback on a draft or partnering with community for delivery of a project.

If a project or work involves changes to the existing environment, space, accessibility, convenience, or provision of service to the community, there will likely be a need to engage and potential or opportunity for stakeholders to influence proposals or outcomes.